BurgerCities Set to Launch Mystery Box on Binance NFT

The listing adds new value for BurgerCities players, granting a chance at Gen 0 Hero NFTs. It’s an important day for the BurgerCities Team and community as the project announced that BurgerCities will have its Gen 0 Hero listed on Binance NFT Mystery Boxes. The BurgerCities Gen 0 Heroes Mystery Boxes will be live on Binance NFT on the 21st of September.

A Mystery Box provides you the chance to receive a random Gen 0 Hero, which is an extremely rare NFT in BurgerCities. There are 4 levels of heroes in BurgerCities, with rarity ranked from low to high as green, blue, purple to orange, and each level of rarity corresponds to the cultivation value of Heroes. Players will gain a Blindbox in game by obtaining Mystery Boxes in your wallet from Binance. Each Blindbox will randomly spawn one Gen 0 Hero upon opening in BurgerCities. The rarity of the Gen 0 Hero include R (Blue Gen 0 Hero), SR (Purple Gen 0 Hero).

Source https://www.bsc.news/post/burgercities-set-to-launch-mystery-box-on-binance-nft

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