Bullish Sentiment Spills Over To Institutional Investors As Ethereum Inflows Balloons #togrp7

Institutional investors had been showing bearish sentiment towards Ethereum for the longest time. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, which had initially caught their attention, was not doing as well as expected, and the outflows that followed were massive. #togrp7

Over the last several weeks, Ethereum inflows have been ramping up. Although they were nowhere near the volumes that had been recorded during the bull market, it had put a stop to more than 2 months of consecutive outflows for the digital asset. Last week would prove to be no different, given that Ethereum’s inflows had come out to $8 million, a low volume, but it was inflows nonetheless. But the most important inflows were recorded in the week prior when the digital asset had initially been recorded to have seen inflows of $2.5 million.

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