Bitcoin Reclaims $21K Ahead of FOMC Interest Rate Announcement #togrp7

After yesterday’s price dip below $21,000, bitcoin regained some traction and reclaimed that level. Most altcoins have also turned green today, with MATIC and Ethereum Classic standing out as the most impressive performers.the primary cryptocurrency started to head south on news that Tesla had sold most of its BTC holdings in Q2.

Despite reclaiming some ground at first and entering the weekend at almost $23,000, the bears were in control and drove the asset down once again. The first major price drop came on Monday morning when bitcoin slumped to $22,000.The same scenario repeated on Tuesday when the cryptocurrency fell below $21,000 to mark a weekly low. BTC reacted well to this drop, at least for now, and currently stands a few hundred dollars above that line.Ethereum went from over $1,600 to under $1,400 in two days. #togrp7

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