Bitcoin donors fund and construct clean water well for 1,000 Nigerian villagers #Web3GrandPappa #togrp7

Various humanitarian organizations continue to leverage cryptocurrencies in a bid to offer equitable opportunities for communities by funding different projects. Notably, the use of crypto offers room for instant transactions and coordination of aid delivery. Indeed, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation director of philanthropy Yusuf Necessary.

During the installation of the water well in the Igbaruku community, Kogi state residents had an opportunity to experience how Bitcoin operates. At the same time, the humanitarian organization provided Bitcoin education to the residents in the local language. The donations towards the project were initiated during the 2022 Bitcoin Conference. Notably, Built With Bitcoin Foundation is a non-profit organization that leverages Bitcoin to collaborate with local communities and partners to provide access to clean water, quality education..#Web3GrandPappa #togrp7 #mimeXmime #mimeUniverisity

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