Binance resumes BSC bridge operation after 2M BNB exploit

The BNB Smart Chain resumed its operations shortly after an attacker drained 2 million BNB from the cross-chain bridge. Binance announced the suspension of deposits and withdrawals from its BNB chain on Oct. 6, after a hacker transferred about 2 million BNB — roughly $590 million.

BNB chain validators moved to upgrade their nodes and disabled native cross-chain communication. The upgrade was intended to stop the hacker from causing more harm. According to an on-chain investigation by Paradigm Research Analyst @samczsun, the attacker leveraged a message verification vulnerability found in the Binance bridge to send 2 million BNB (approx. $568 million) into Venus protocol. According to security firm BlockSec, the BSC bridge hack now ranks third in a list of 11 cross-chain bridges that have lost a cumulative $2 billion since July 2021.

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