Binance Halts Deposits and Withdrawals of Defunct Terra Ecosystem Tokens

Binance, says in the recent past it supported the deposits and withdrawals of Shuttle Bridged LUNC via the Terra Classic and Ethereum networks. Binance says it has also supported Shuttle Bridged USTC via the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), Ethereum network (ERC20), Polygon network and Terra Classic network.

The exchange has informed its users of forthcoming changes due to the impending shutdown of the Shuttle Bridge. First, starting on Sept. 7, deposits and withdrawals of Shuttle Bridged LUNC and USTC made using the Ethereum network (ERC20), BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and Polygon network, respectively, will be halted indefinitely. Users can still use the Terra Classic network to deposit and withdraw their LUNC and USTC tokens, nevertheless. Spot and margin trading for LUNC and USTC, as well as relevant services on Binance Earn.#WebGrandPappa

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