Worldcoin Parent Company Invests $4.8 Million In Kenya For Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Education


Key Points:

  • Tools for Humanity, the parent company of Worldcoin, is investing $4.8 million in cryptocurrency and blockchain education initiatives in Kenya, supporting efforts to equip individuals with essential knowledge and skills in the digital financial landscape.
  • CEO Alex Blania refuted allegations of user data misuse and clarified that Tools for Humanity collaborates with various partners, including Strathmore University and the Kenya Blockchain Association, to facilitate these educational programs while expressing the intent to allocate additional funding for such initiatives.
Tools for Humanity, the parent company of Worldcoin, has announced a substantial investment of nearly $4.8 million in cryptocurrency and blockchain education initiatives in Kenya. 

CEO Alex Blania revealed the commitment to fostering educational efforts in the blockchain and crypto space, underscoring the importance of equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving digital financial landscape.

Alex Blania took the opportunity to address recent allegations that Worldcoin had intentions to sell user biometric data collected through eye-scanning technology. Blania categorically denied such claims, emphasizing that Tools for Humanity (TFH) is not directly involved in educational activities but relies on third-party partnerships for its initiatives. Notable collaborators include Strathmore University, the Kenya Blockchain Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Africa Blockchain Center.

Worldcoin funds into cryptocurrency and blockchain education in Kenya aligns with the broader mission of TFH and its commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to the global adoption of blockchain technology. With the backing of TFH, these educational endeavors aim to empower individuals and institutions with the knowledge to participate effectively in the digital economy.

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