Optimism Transfers 130M OP Tokens For Fund Management


, a prominent Ethereum scaling solution, recently announced a planned internal transaction involving the transfer of 130 million OP tokens between wallets for fund management purposes. The project’s intent is to keep the community informed about this strategic move. In the crypto market, Arbitrum‘s governance token ARB experienced a significant drop on Tuesday, hitting a new all-time low of $0.747, as reported by CoinMarketCap. Meanwhile, OP was trading at $1.33. The tumultuous start to the week in the crypto world resulted in Arbitrum’s market capitalization slipping below that of its rival, Optimism. Both Optimism and Arbitrum have consistently maintained their positions as the top Ethereum scaling solutions. What’s less known is their ability to retain a substantial user base actively participating on their respective mainnets. High user retention rates indicate satisfaction with the projects’ offered use cases. Optimism’s recent price resurgence is not unprecedented, given its previous prominence in the digital currency landscape. The sustained growth of OP tokens over the past seven days reflects the confidence and support of its buyers, underscoring the project’s resilience. fullstory

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