Convex Finance Community Votes On FXS Protocol Fee Adjustment To 20% Proposal The


Convex Finance Community Votes On FXS Protocol Fee Adjustment To 20% Proposal The Convex Finance community has initiated a critical proposal for the adjustment of the FXS Protocol fee structure, with voting now underway. This proposal seeks to increase the treasury fee from the existing 17% to a new rate of 20%. Voting commenced on September 15 and will conclude at 11:05 on September 19, 2023. As of the current status of the vote, an overwhelming majority, exceeding 99%, supports the proposed adjustment to the fee structure. This strong consensus reflects the community’s dedication to optimizing the FXS Protocol’s financial sustainability and functionality. Reduction in vlCVX Share: The proposal suggests decreasing the vlCVX share from 7% to 5%, reflecting a strategic reallocation of resources within the Convex Finance ecosystem. Introduction of Treasury Fee based on veFXS Income: Another notable aspect of the proposal involves the addition of a 5% fee to the treasury, linked to veFXS fee income. This innovative approach ensures that the treasury continues to receive contributions based on its overall performance and income generation. The FXS Protocol plays a pivotal role in the broader Convex Finance ecosystem, facilitating stablecoin stability and maintaining the integrity of the DeFi landscape. These proposed adjustments to the fee structure and resource allocation are crucial steps in ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the protocol. full stroy

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