Huobi Rebrands to HTX: The Huobi-Tron Exchange, Celebrating a Decade in the Industry


One of the premier global cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi, recently announced a significant rebranding. As part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations, Huobi will now be known as HTX, short for the Huobi-Tron Exchange.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decade of Excellence: The renaming to HTX comes as Huobi marks a decade in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. Over these ten years, Huobi has established itself as a major player, serving millions of users worldwide.
  • Huobi and Tron Collaboration: The new name, HTX, highlights the collaboration between Huobi and the Tron blockchain platform. Tron, known for its high-throughput and scalable blockchain, aligns with Huobi’s vision of facilitating seamless crypto transactions.
  • Future Vision: The rebranding signifies more than just a name change. It underscores Huobi’s commitment to continuously innovate and provide top-tier services in the crypto sphere. By collaborating with Tron, HTX aims to bring new features, scalability, and an enhanced user experience to its platform.
  • Market Implications: As two giants in the crypto world come together, market analysts expect to see increased liquidity and potentially new product offerings from HTX. The collaboration could attract more users and further solidify HTX’s position in the global crypto market.
  • Community Response: While most of the crypto community welcomes the change, anticipating a range of improved services, some users express nostalgia for the Huobi brand, given its long-standing reputation.


The renaming of Huobi to HTX marks a significant milestone in the exchange’s journey. As it enters a new decade, the Huobi-Tron partnership promises to bring enhanced features and services to its vast user base. With the crypto landscape evolving every day, collaborations like these may set the tone for future industry dynamics. fullstory

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