Bloomberg’s McGlone Predicts Bitcoin to Dominate in Rising Interest Rates Environment


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Mike McGlone, a senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg, has recently expressed his views on Bitcoin’s potential trajectory amid an environment of increasing interest rates.

Key Highlights:

  • Bitcoin’s Resilience: McGlone believes that Bitcoin is well-positioned to be a dominant player, even as the global economic climate faces rising interest rates. According to him, Bitcoin has the potential to thrive and become even more valuable in such scenarios.
  • Digital Gold Argument: McGlone often refers to Bitcoin as “digital gold.” He asserts that just as gold has historically performed well during times of high inflation and interest rates, Bitcoin is likely to follow a similar path, given its store of value proposition.
  • Limited Supply Benefits: Emphasizing Bitcoin’s capped supply of 21 million coins, McGlone argues that this inherent scarcity, combined with increasing demand, makes Bitcoin a strong hedge against inflationary pressures.
  • Contrast with Traditional Assets: As interest rates rise, traditional assets like bonds could see reduced appeal due to decreased returns. In contrast, assets like Bitcoin, which do not rely on interest payments, may witness increased attractiveness.
  • Macro Economic Perspective: McGlone’s predictions come at a time when several economies globally are considering hiking interest rates to combat inflation. Many believe that this environment could make assets like Bitcoin more appealing to investors.

Market Implications:

Should McGlone’s predictions hold true, it would mean a considerable shift of institutional and retail investment towards Bitcoin and potentially other cryptocurrencies. Such a move could drive higher liquidity, increased adoption rates, and potentially higher valuations for Bitcoin.

Analyst Opinions:

While McGlone is bullish on Bitcoin’s prospects in a high-interest-rate environment, opinions in the financial world are diverse. Some analysts echo his sentiments, while others remain cautious, pointing to the asset’s volatility and regulatory uncertainties.


Mike McGlone’s views highlight the evolving perspective on Bitcoin as not just a speculative asset but also a potential hedge against macroeconomic uncertainties. As the world grapples with economic changes, Bitcoin’s role in investment portfolios may undergo a significant transformation. fullstory

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