SokuNFT: First Affiliate NFT Marketplace Allowing Sellers to Set Referral Fees and Shifting Marketing Costs Post-Sale


The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is currently undergoing a significant transformation, reshaping conventional notions of digital ownership and value. NFTs have surged in popularity, influencing a broad spectrum of industries, including art, collectibles, music, and gaming. Amid this digital evolution, a notable innovation poised to further reshape the NFT landscape is the Affiliate NFT Marketplace. SokuNFT, a prominent entity in the NFT ecosystem, was founded with the vision to redefine digital asset ownership and commerce. While NFT marketplaces experienced exponential growth, there remained unexplored terrain – integrating affiliate marketing seamlessly into the NFT realm. The inception of SokuNFT marked a significant development. It was driven by the vision to empower users not just as NFT owners but as participants in the earning process. This vision led to the creation of the world’s first Affiliate NFT Marketplace. • Accessible Income: Affiliates can generate substantial earnings through the Affiliate NFT Marketplace without requiring formal education, certification, or significant upfront investment.

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