Luno to Temporarily Halt Select UK Services Amid Upcoming Regulatory Changes



Luno, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, has declared a temporary suspension of specific services in the UK. The decision arises in light of imminent regulatory changes in the country.

Key Points:

  1. Luno’s Proactive Measure:
    • Luno, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service, has opted to proactively pause certain offerings in the UK. This move is in anticipation of forthcoming regulatory alterations in the British cryptocurrency landscape.
  2. Digital Currency Group’s Stance:
    • The Digital Currency Group (DCG), Luno’s parent company, supports the subsidiary’s decision, emphasizing the importance of compliance and aligning with regulatory frameworks to ensure the long-term viability of their services.
  3. Services Affected:
    • The specific services facing suspension haven’t been explicitly detailed. However, Luno assures its UK customers that they will be given ample notice and guidance on any necessary actions or changes.
  4. Reactions from the User Base:
    • While some Luno users have voiced concerns regarding the pause, many appreciate the platform’s transparency and proactive approach, acknowledging the necessity of adhering to regulatory standards.
  5. Regulations in the UK:
    • The UK has been moving towards a stricter regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses. Luno’s decision is seen as a measure to ensure they remain compliant with whatever new standards are introduced.


As the UK gears up to refine its cryptocurrency regulations, platforms like Luno are taking precautionary steps to align their services accordingly. While this might pose temporary inconveniences for users, it underlines the industry’s focus on ensuring compliance and fostering a secure and transparent digital currency environment.


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