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Crypto France, an influential entity in the French cryptocurrency landscape, has taken an innovative step forward by launching a certification for financial influencers, aptly named “Finfluencers.” This move is especially notable as it includes individuals active in the cryptocurrency domain.

Key Points:

  1. Acknowledging the Role of Influencers:
    • The modern financial ecosystem acknowledges the significant role played by influencers, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency. Their opinions and insights can sway market sentiment and influence investment decisions.
  2. Introducing “Finfluencers” Certification:
    • To standardize and legitimize the influence these individuals hold, Crypto France has rolled out the “Finfluencers” certification. This move aims to ensure that influencers have a robust understanding of the market and that their guidance is grounded in research and expertise.
  3. Inclusion of Cryptocurrency:
    • The noteworthy aspect of this certification is its inclusive approach. Not limiting itself to traditional finance influencers, it also encompasses individuals active in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector, thereby emphasizing the importance of this emerging market.
  4. Setting a Benchmark:
    • With the introduction of this certification, Crypto France seeks to set a benchmark for influencers in the financial domain. It promotes transparency, credibility, and knowledge-based influence, ensuring that followers and investors receive accurate and reliable information.
  5. Reception and Implications:
    • The community has largely welcomed the move, viewing it as a step towards professionalizing the role of influencers in the financial space. It could also pave the way for similar certifications in other regions, acknowledging the global impact of financial influencers.


As the lines between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency world blur, initiatives like the “Finfluencers” certification by Crypto France underscore the need for credible and informed voices in the industry. By setting a high standard for financial influencers, especially those in the cryptocurrency sector, the organization ensures that the community at large benefits from accurate and expert insights.


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