Zeebu, a cutting-edge technological company, has successfully secured a substantial $25 million during its presale funding round. This comes as the firm aims to launch the world’s pioneering on-chain invoice settlement platform dedicated to telecom carriers.

Zeebu's logo with a rising graph indicating the success of its presale funding round.

Key Highlights:

  • Funding Achievement: In its recent presale round, Zeebu managed to amass an impressive $25 million, reflecting significant investor interest and confidence in the potential of its upcoming platform.
  • Unique Proposition: The platform Zeebu is set to introduce is groundbreaking in its approach. It stands as the world’s first on-chain invoice settlement system that’s specifically crafted for telecom carriers.
  • Blockchain in Telecom: This initiative by Zeebu underscores the expanding reach and potential of blockchain technology in various sectors, with telecommunications now embracing its benefits for streamlining operations and enhancing trust.
  • Benefits of the Platform: The on-chain invoice settlement platform promises numerous advantages for telecom carriers. These include enhanced transparency in transaction records, reduced chances of disputes over invoices, quicker settlements, and potential cost savings due to decreased administrative burdens.
  • Stakeholder Reactions: The substantial funding achieved in the presale is indicative of the high level of interest and optimism surrounding Zeebu’s platform. Investors and industry insiders recognize the transformative potential of integrating blockchain in telecom invoicing.
  • Next Steps: Following this successful presale funding round, Zeebu plans to expedite the development and rollout of its platform. The company also intends to engage with major telecom carriers and industry stakeholders to ensure the platform addresses the sector’s specific needs and challenges effectively.


The securing of $25 million in presale funding by Zeebu is a testament to the growing enthusiasm for integrating blockchain technology into diverse sectors, such as telecommunications. As Zeebu prepares to launch its on-chain invoice settlement platform for telecom carriers, it has the potential to revolutionize the way the industry approaches billing and settlements.

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