Native USDC Now Seamlessly Available On Base Network Native


Native USDC Now Seamlessly Available On Base Network Native USDC (USD Coin) is now effortlessly accessible on the Base network, eliminating the need for complex bridging processes. Circle, a trusted entity in the digital currency space, officially issues native USDC. This means that users can seamlessly exchange their native USD Coin for US dollars at a 1:1 ratio, underscoring its reliability and stability as a digital currency. This exciting integration, announced via the official Circle blog on September 5, extends the convenience and utility of USDC to developers and users within the Base network. To access this token on the Base network, developers and users can utilize Circle accounts and Circle API, both of which fully support Base USDC. This user-friendly integration streamlines the process of incorporating USDC into transactions, providing a smoother experience for participants in the Base network ecosystem. Base is also actively collaborating with its ecosystem partners to facilitate the seamless migration of liquidity from USDbC to USDC. This transition ensures that users can transition their assets smoothly and efficiently, enhancing their overall experience within the Base network. Coinbase enables users to conveniently deposit USDbC and withdraw USD Coin to a digital wallet, including Coinbase Wallet, providing a straightforward gateway for users to access native USD Coin.

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