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Arthur Hayes, a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency industry, has stated that the Bitcoin (BTC) bull run effectively began in March. Hayes made this claim during an interview, drawing on market trends and investor sentiment as evidence.

Key Points

  • March as a Turning Point: According to Hayes, several market indicators have shown that March was a pivotal month for Bitcoin’s price action. The coin has seen a steady upward trajectory since then.
  • Investor Sentiment: Hayes emphasized that investor sentiment has significantly improved, contributing to the bullish market conditions.
  • Market Indicators: Technical analysis and trading volumes also point toward a strong bull market, Hayes says.


The claim made by Arthur Hayes has the potential to influence investors and market participants, given his prominence in the cryptocurrency space. If accurate, this could mean that we’re in the early stages of a prolonged upward movement for Bitcoin.

Future Implications

  • Increased Investments: Hayes’ comments might encourage new and existing investors to buy into Bitcoin, potentially pushing prices even higher.
  • Market Speculation: The belief that the bull run started in March could lead to further speculation, impacting Bitcoin’s volatility.
  • Validation of Technical Analysis: If Hayes’ claim proves to be accurate, it would also serve to validate various methods of technical analysis employed by traders.

What’s Next?

Investors and analysts will closely monitor Bitcoin’s price movements to confirm or refute Hayes’ assertion. If the market continues to show bullish signs, it could vindicate Hayes’ claims and lead to a more widespread acceptance of the idea that a bull run is underway.


  1. Who is Arthur Hayes?
  • Arthur Hayes is a key player in the cryptocurrency market, known for his insights and analysis.
  1. What did he base his claims on?
  • Hayes pointed to market indicators, trading volumes, and investor sentiment as evidence for his claim.
  1. Why does his claim matter?
  • Given his prominence, Hayes’ claim could influence investor behavior, potentially impacting Bitcoin’s price in the short to medium term.

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