Solana Co-Founder Backs Ethereum Amid MakerDAO Fork Consideration: A Cryptoslate Report Summary

Logos of Solana and Ethereum, representing the unexpected unity between the two competing blockchain platforms.

According to a report by Cryptoslate, the co-founder of Solana has publicly supported Ethereum in the midst of discussions about a possible fork of MakerDAO, one of the key decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols on Ethereum.

Key Points

  • MakerDAO Fork: The DeFi community has been abuzz with discussions about a potential fork of MakerDAO, a significant protocol that allows users to mint stablecoins backed by collateral.
  • Solana Co-Founder’s Support: In a surprising move, the co-founder of Solana, a blockchain network often seen as a competitor to Ethereum, has backed Ethereum and discouraged the idea of a MakerDAO fork.
  • Community Reactions: This has sparked various reactions within the community. Some view it as a gesture of good faith and interoperability between competing blockchain platforms.
  • DeFi Ecosystem: MakerDAO is crucial to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. A fork could have far-reaching implications, affecting various other protocols and applications built on Ethereum.
  • Future of Decentralized Finance: The potential fork raises questions about the future of DeFi on Ethereum and whether other prominent figures in the space will also voice their opinions.


  • Unity Among Blockchains: The endorsement by Solana’s co-founder could be an indicator of a desire for more unity and collaboration among different blockchain networks.
  • Stability of DeFi: A fork of a significant project like MakerDAO could destabilize the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, so support from prominent figures could dissuade such actions.
  • Competition and Cooperation: While Ethereum and Solana are often seen as competitors, this event underscores that competition and cooperation can coexist in the blockchain space.

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  1. Why is the potential MakerDAO fork a significant event?
    • MakerDAO is a cornerstone of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, and a fork could disrupt numerous applications and services that rely on its stablecoin and other offerings.
  2. What are the implications of Solana’s co-founder backing Ethereum?
    • It signals a maturing space where even competitors recognize the value in upholding the stability and integrity of rival platforms for the good of the broader ecosystem.
  3. What does this mean for the future of DeFi?
    • The situation adds another layer to the ongoing discussions about the future of DeFi, highlighting the importance of cooperation and stability in this rapidly evolving field.

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