The days when non-fungible token collections used to skyrocket into the multi-million dollar have faded, with the NFT market tumbling 30% in sales volume in August from the previous month. The market downturn has also left many floor prices slashing over 50% of their value.. In this article, we shall explore the NFT market performance in August and what collectors and investors should expect in the coming September. Data compiled by, an on-chain data aggregator, indicates that the global non-fungible token trading sales volume have tumbled in recent week. In the past 30 days, the NFT market has flipped 30% to 418 million, representing 28.77% from the previous month. Non-fungible tokens hosted on Ethereum, the largest blockchain for NFTs, have been the most traded NFTs in August. In the past 30 days, Ethereum-based NFTs recorded a trading sales volume of $246 million. Nonetheless, Ethereum NFTs have dipped 26% in sales volume from the previous month. Digital collectibles hosted on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network, have been the second most traded NFT in August, recording a trading sales volume of $36 million.

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