🆘 Starknet NFT Mining Temporarily Halted – Limited 24-Hour Pause


🆘 Starknet NFT Mining Temporarily Halted – Limited 24-Hour Pause

Starknet has opted to put a temporary halt on its NFT mining operations. The interruption, set to last for a mere 24 hours, or potentially extend a few days, comes on the heels of the highly anticipated launch of the Quantum Leap NFT campaign. The initiative was introduced in collaboration with the fervent Starknet community, aiming to leverage their collective enthusiasm for NFTs. The commencement of the Quantum Leap NFT campaign at 05:00 am UTC was marked by a wave of enthusiasm that surpassed even the loftiest of expectations. To ensure their community receives optimal services and an impeccable experience, Starknet made the tough call to temporarily halt the ongoing NFT drop. The pause is intended to provide the necessary space for technical adjustments, with a hopeful outlook to recommence the campaign within a few days. Starknet extends its gratitude to its community for their patience and unwavering support during this unforeseen interruption. Starknet also seized the opportunity to emphasize security measures. They issued a reminder urging users to exercise caution regarding any unsolicited messages or suspicious links related to the campaign. The company reiterated their stance on never soliciting personal information or funds through direct messages.

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