Kenya Warns Worldcoin Activities Cause National Security Challenge Kenya’s


Kenya Warns Worldcoin Activities Cause National Security Challenge Kenya’s National Computer Cybercrimes Coordination Committee has issued a stern warning regarding the activities of Worldcoin, citing potential national and economic security challenges, as reported by Standard Media. It has come to light that Worldcoin, an entity operating in Kenya, has been engaging in its activities without legal authorization. Attorney General Justin Muturi emphasized this fact during a hearing held by an Ad hoc committee investigating the matter. Muturi conveyed that Worldcoin, as well as its affiliate Tools for Humanity based in Germany, have not undergone the required registration processes to operate as legitimate business entities in the country. This failure to comply with registration regulations contradicts the law, which mandates that foreign companies obtain proper registration before conducting operations in Kenya. Interestingly, only the Sales Marketing company, a subsidiary of Worldcoin, has been confirmed to be in full compliance with local business registration protocols. This hearing was conducted by the committee, chaired by Gabriel Tongoyo, the Narok West MP. Its primary aim was to establish the legal standing of the project within the parameters of Kenyan law.

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