Previously Launched Rattleheads NFT Rebrands as Megadeth Digital

conic thrash metal pioneer Megadeth, alongside founder and frontman Dave Mustaine

Iconic thrash metal pioneer Megadeth, alongside founder and frontman Dave Mustaine, are announcing their latest endeavor in the Web3 space as they transform the Rattleheads NFT brand into Megadeth Digital. Their digital experience will start with a generative collection by Mustaine and Megadeth, this cutting-edge NFT experience will grant fans and blockchain enthusiasts alike, unique access and exclusive glimpses into the world of Megadeth. “From the very beginning, when our first album set the standard for thrash metal to our 2016 album release that came with a full Virtual Reality experience, I’ve always made sure that we were leading the charge,” Dave Mustaine said. “With the continued development of Web3 technology and its ability to directly connect us with our fans, I’m excited to dive deeper into this world with Megadeth NFT’s and create new immersive experiences for our community in this evolving space.”. Megadeth is working alongside Bill Starkov, an NFT project founder, and Haddy, the new artist for Megadeth Digital, both who made a name in web3 through their collection “Apocalyptic Apes”.

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