Sol Network Record $1.3 Million NFT Sales in 24 Hours The Solana season is upon us as the blockchain records some mad sales volume in the past 24 hours and the seven-day sales. Apparently, more traders are participating in the network and making more sales. This is after the terrible market crash that saw Bitcoin decrease by more than 9%. Let’s jump in and see how Solana achieved these impressive feats. The Solana blockchain is seeing a massive increase in NFT sales. Nevertheless, the daily sales volume isn’t the only thing that defines the Solana season in the NFT market. Apparently, the NFT blockchain isn’t putting a foot wrong even in the seven-day NFT sales volume. Over one week, the Solana network recorded a whopping over $10 million in sales in NFTs. Moreover, this represents more than an 8% increase in the weekly sales volume. Apparently, the only place Solana is missing out is the 30-day sales volume in the NFT market. Solana and Polygon continue to battle each other over the 30-day sales volume. But it seems the Solana season is having a huge impact. Previously, Polygon used a very large margin to surpass Solana in the 30-day sales volume. But this is decreasing. Both are in the same $34 million range, separated by a few thousand.

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