Adidas and Bape Launch NFT-Powered Sneaker Auction Adidas, a leading sportswear brand, has taken a bold step in rewriting the rules of fashion by introducing a new non-fungible token (NFT) powered auction format. In collaboration with Japanese streetwear label Bape, Adidas will be launching the “Forum 84 Bape Low Triple-White” sneaker through this innovative auction format. The auction will be open to everyone through Adidas Connect until August 25. Winners of the auction will receive an “Adidas Originals x Bape Fresh Forum Access Pass NFT”. Lululemon, a popular athleisure brand, has partnered with virtual retail platform Emperia to tap into the trend of three-dimensional virtual stores. In celebration of its new sneaker release, Lululemon has created an immersive virtual shopping experience where customers can engage in virtual try-ons (VTO) and interactive workouts. This interactive approach allows customers to have a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. This move by Adidas is being hailed as a game-changer in the streetwear industry. The brand’s embrace of NFTs and digital assets has garnered praise from NFT proponents as it explores new use cases for these digital assets. Adidas may have found a way to achieve mass adoption for digital assets, a feat that has been challenging for other brands.

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