Tether’s Strategic Move: Halting USDT on Bitcoin, Kusama, and Bitcoin Cash

A graphic representation of the USDT logo fading away from the icons of Bitcoin, Kusama, and Bitcoin Cash, symbolizing the discontinuation.

In a bold shift, Tether, one of the most influential stablecoin providers in the world, announced the discontinuation of its USDT issuance on three major blockchains: Bitcoin, Kusama, and Bitcoin Cash.

Deciphering Tether’s Decision

The USDT Phenomenon

Tether’s USDT has been a cornerstone in the world of stablecoins, serving as a bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Its wide acceptance across various blockchains had made it a preferred choice for many.

Why Discontinue on these Blockchains?

The reasons behind Tether’s decision are not explicitly detailed, but it might be driven by a combination of technological, economic, and strategic factors.

Implications for the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Short-Term Market Reactions

Such a significant change from Tether could lead to immediate market fluctuations, with potential adjustments in liquidity and trading volumes on these blockchains.

Reassessing Stablecoin Strategies

Other stablecoin providers might view this as an opportunity to fill the void left by Tether on these platforms or reconsider their own integration strategies based on Tether’s move.

The Potential Impact on Users

Finding Alternatives

For those relying on USDT within the Bitcoin, Kusama, and Bitcoin Cash ecosystems, the quest for a viable alternative will be imminent. The change might drive users towards other stablecoins or force them to adapt their trading and investment strategies.

Trust and Reliability Concerns

Tether’s decision could raise questions about the stability and reliability of using specific blockchains for stablecoin operations. Users might seek clarity on the reasons behind such a move to make informed decisions in the future.

Charting the Road Ahead

Despite the immediate uncertainties, the crypto landscape is no stranger to evolution and change. As Tether redefines its strategies, the broader ecosystem will adapt, innovate, and continue to thrive in this dynamic environment.


  1. What major decision did Tether announce?
    • Tether revealed the discontinuation of USDT issuance on Bitcoin, Kusama, and Bitcoin Cash blockchains.
  2. How might this affect the crypto market?
    • This could lead to short-term market fluctuations, potentially impacting liquidity and trading volumes on the affected blockchains.
  3. Will users need to find alternative stablecoins?
    • Users relying on USDT within these ecosystems might need to seek other stablecoin options or adjust their trading strategies.
  4. Could this decision impact other stablecoin providers?
    • Yes, other providers might see this as an opportunity to expand or reconsider their strategies based on Tether’s decision.
  5. Is this indicative of broader issues within these blockchains?
    • While Tether hasn’t detailed its reasons, the decision might lead to discussions about the stability and reliability of these specific blockchains for stablecoin operations.

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