Revolutionizing Decentraland’s Metaverse with AI-Powered Avatars In a pioneering move to enrich the virtual landscapes of the metaverse, Decentraland has taken a groundbreaking step by infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into its Ethereum-based world. Teaming up with AI startup Inworld, Decentraland introduces AI-powered non-player characters (NPCs) that inject vibrancy and interaction into the gameplay. These NPCs don unique avatars endowed with distinct personalities, engaging players in dynamic interactions. Already, three compelling NPCs have made their debut at Decentraland’s Genesis Plaza. Among them, Simone the Robot takes on the role of an informational guide, offering insights and discussions about the metaverse. Playful and light-hearted, Doge pays homage to the world of memes, while Aisha, a 23-year-old gaming streamer and former skater, brings her unique backstory and opinions into the virtual realm. The partnership with Inworld empowers creators with the ability to design and tailor their own NPCs. From crafting dialogues to personalizing voices and personalities, the creative latitude is vast. Moreover, these AI characters exhibit a remarkable linguistic inclusivity, understanding and catering to players who speak a variety of languages.

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