Steadefi: An Unconventional Solution to a Security Breach, Offers $33K Bounty to Attacker

Steadefi's emblem with a peace dove, symbolizing its unique approach to addressing the recent hack.

In a twist to the typical narrative surrounding crypto protocol breaches, Steadefi has taken a unique approach. After falling victim to a hack, the protocol has extended a bounty of $33,000 to the perpetrator, urging them to come forward.

Navigating the Aftermath of a Breach

The Breach in Detail

Steadefi experienced a security lapse that compromised its protocol. Responding promptly, the team disclosed the breach to its community and began assessing the extent of the damage.

A Novel Approach to a Crisis

Rather than opting for a traditional route of pursuing legal action, Steadefi has chosen a reconciliation-based approach, offering the hacker a significant bounty.

The Rationale Behind the Bounty Offer

Seeking a Win-Win Solution

Steadefi believes in resolving issues amicably. By offering a bounty, they hope to incentivize the hacker to cooperate, possibly recovering the stolen assets and gaining insights into the security flaws.

Strengthening Protocol Security

Engaging directly with the hacker could provide Steadefi valuable feedback, helping them to address vulnerabilities and bolster their system’s security for the future.

Implications for the Crypto Ecosystem

Setting a Precedent

Steadefi’s unique approach may pave the way for other platforms to consider alternative solutions when dealing with security breaches.

Trust and Transparency

In being open about the breach and pursuing a non-adversarial path, Steadefi reinforces its commitment to trust and transparency, vital tenets in the crypto space.

Steadefi’s decision to offer a bounty to its attacker showcases its innovative and community-centric approach. While the outcome remains to be seen, this strategy emphasizes the protocol’s dedication to transparency, trust, and the betterment of its ecosystem.


  1. Why did Steadefi offer a bounty to the hacker?
    • Steadefi aims to resolve the issue amicably, hoping the hacker will cooperate, helping them recover assets and understand the security vulnerabilities.
  2. Does this approach guarantee the recovery of stolen assets?
    • While there’s no certainty, the bounty serves as an incentive for the hacker to cooperate and potentially return the compromised assets.
  3. How does this move impact Steadefi’s reputation in the crypto community?
    • By choosing a non-adversarial approach and being transparent, Steadefi underscores its commitment to trust, which may enhance its reputation.
  4. Could other crypto platforms adopt a similar approach in the future?
    • Steadefi’s unique strategy might inspire other platforms to consider alternative, reconciliation-based solutions following security breaches.
  5. How can Steadefi ensure future security?
    • Engaging with the hacker and the broader community can provide insights into vulnerabilities, enabling Steadefi to enhance its security measures.

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