Reddit Returns With New NFTs and Crypto Twitter Leaves Threads on Read

 has released its latest NFT avatar collection aimed at inspiring “warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia” among collectors, while Amazon added new blockchain tools to its Amazon Web Services cloud platform as it continues its Web3 expansion. Also, we chatted with Web3 influencers to suss out if the crypto degens are ready to migrate from Twitter to Meta’s Threads or another decentralized social media platform. The Airdrop, our weekly newsletter where we discuss the biggest stories across Web3. Reddit released its Gen 4 Collectible Avatar series, bringing a new batch of colorful collectibles to its NFT shop reimagining the platform’s iconic “Snoo” character. Titled “Retro Reimagined,” the microblogging site says it is meant to inspire “warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia” and features designs from 100 independent artists and popular NFT collections like Cool Cats. Previous releases have not been entirely smooth, so this time around, the Reddit team implemented anti-bot measures like CAPTCHA to create a better user experience. In addition, the platform introduced spend limits and launched an “initial access” period on the first day to limit the number of NFTs a user could sweep in one go. Still, it wasn’t a perfect launch.

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