​Lava Introduces Self-Custody Wallet And Bitcoin DeFi Platform At Bitcoin 2023


Lava, a financial technology company, has unveiled a new self-custody wallet and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on Bitcoin. Utilizing Lava’s loan protocol, users can borrow stablecoins against native bitcoin, eliminating the risks associated with bridge hacks and custodian rehypothecation.

CEO Shehzan Maredia highlighted the advantages of Lava’s borrowing mechanism, stating, “With Lava, people can borrow transparently without rehypothecation risk and without relying on bridges or custodians. Users won’t have to trust their counterparty and can borrow using a system that gives users cryptographic assurance that the rules of their contracts will be honored.” Lava achieves this through invisible smart contracts called discreet log contracts (DLCs), which ensure collateral integrity and enable programmable loan initiation and repayment without the need for intermediaries.

According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, Lava wallet aims to empower individuals who face challenges with traditional banking, offering innovative security solutions and safety checks to prevent transaction errors. Maredia said that he envisions bitcoin and dollars as the two most crucial assets of the coming decade. Lava’s goal, the press release stated, is to create a bitcoin and dollar-centric financial experience that grants users true financial freedom, enabling them to take control of their finances and simplify money management.

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