ArbitrumDAO Proposes On-Chain Election Process For Increased Security


ArbitrumDAO Proposes On-Chain Election Process For Increased Security

The ArbitrumDAO Constitution proposes changes to the Security Council election start date to ensure confidence in the completeness and security of the election software. The ArbitrumDAO Constitution specifies that the first Security Council election should start on the 15th of September alongside a specification for the election. However, an on-chain implementation of the entire election is still a work in progress.

To provide flexibility for the start date of the election, a proposal has been made to revise the ArbitrumDAO Constitution. If passed by a Constitutional Vote, the new start date will be on the 15th of September or the earliest possible date in which an on-chain election can begin. The proposal suggests that the first and all subsequent security elections should be performed via the on-chain election process. However, the activation of the Security Council election is dependent on the complete implementation for the on-chain smart contracts, complete implementation of the user interface, and smart contract audit by a highly regarded auditing firm, all parties, including the Arbitrum DAO.


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