TRON’s First RWA Product stUSDT With TVL Exceeded $200 Million

 July 13, according to the official website data, the total amount of committed stUSDT, TRON’s first RWA product, exceeded 200 million USDT. According to Defillama data, stUSDT ranked first in the RWA TVL ranking. As of now, the APY of this product is 4.22%. stUSDT of the TRON ecosystem has many similarities to stETH on Lido protocol. They are both a decentralized token that serves as proof of investment in RWA, and their holders can earn income passively from real-world assets. It is known that stUSDT is the first RWA (Real World Assets) tracking product in the TRON ecosystem, which was officially launched on July 3 and is currently running through the JustLend decentralized platform. The stUSDT platform is committed to building bridges between individual and institutional investors, the crypto world, and the real world through smart contracts and providing a fairer RWA investment channel for everyone. TRON RWA Product introduces more powerful and decentralized asset management mechanisms. The ultimate goal of stUSDT is to optimize on-chain users’ chances of return from real-world assets. Launched by the RWA DAO, stUSDT is operated by the JustLend DAO under a custody agreement between the two parties.

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