Voyager Witnesses $250M worth of crypto Net Asset Outflow Post Withdrawal Restart

 has experienced a significant net outflow of $250 million worth of crypto assets since reopening withdrawals to users on June 23. The reopening of withdrawals on Voyager was met with a surge in users seeking to move their crypto assets off the platform. The net outflow of $250 million reflects a significant movement of funds, indicating users’ preference for storing their assets elsewhere or potentially taking advantage of other trading platforms. As of now, the platform holds approximately $176 million worth of crypto assets, with a Clean Asset ratio (excluding VGX) of 96.15%. Notable assets on the platform include 2,287.4 BTC, 27,363.7 ETH, 18,558,340 USDC, 2,060 trillion SHIB, and more. The current amount of $176 million worth of crypto assets on the Voyager platform signifies the assets still under their custody. While the net outflow is substantial, the platform continues to hold a considerable sum of cryptocurrencies. The Clean Asset ratio, which stands at 96.15%, represents the proportion of assets excluding VGX, Voyager’s native token, and implies that the majority of the remaining assets on the platform are free from encumbrances or liabilities.

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