LG Uplus to enter fashion metaverse

 Korea‘s LG Uplus Corp., has launched a fashion metaverse business, starting this month, with the clothing store Meta Slap, a digital service for office workers, to develop metaverse commerce in fashion. Recently, LG Uplus said that it has inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with domestic fashion firms Z-Emotion, which develops 3D simulation-based costume design software, and Ation Fashion, which owns the casual brand Polham. The latter created a method in May that makes it possible to create metaverse costumes. This month, the three businesses will run a fashion boutique in Meta Slap using a ground-breaking innovative concept for a clothes store that combines the real and virtual worlds. The website will produce and market offline goods in addition to avatar clothing and accessories. “The (San Mateo, California-based) metaverse platform Roblox says five of 10 metaverse users were found to dress up their avatars at least once a week,” an LG Uplus source said. The three sides plan to link their metaverse business to an artificial intelligence fitting room.

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