ZachXBT’s research cited in Canadian NFT rug pull class-action lawsuit

 to court documents, the Boneheads team has been accused of breach of contract, misappropriating funds and misleading investors. The investigative work of independent blockchain sleuth ZachXBT has been cited in a class-action lawsuit in Canada against Boneheads, an alleged $3.1 million nonfungible token (NFT) rug pull. Tweeting on July 7, ZachXBT highlighted that lawsuit as he reiterated accusations that the Boneheads team “quickly disappeared and spent the mint funds on BAYCs. The class-action lawsuit was initially filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in mid-June. As per a June 19 statement of claim, the Boneheads team has been accused of breach of contract with investors by failing to deliver on the project’s roadmap, misappropriating funds, conducting fraudulent misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation, among other things. “As of the date of filing of this claim, the Boneheads NFT team has not delivered on a single roadmap promise they had made to Boneheads NFT purchasers,”.Looking at the references to ZachXBT, the filing highlights the sleuth’s investigation into the project published to Twitter on July 14, 2022, along with other posts from the following month.

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