Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has expressed his concerns about the U.S. financial state amid the ongoing debt crisis. He suggested that America is bankrupt as lawmakers engage in protracted negotiations over the debt ceiling .

These financial concerns have led him to invest more heavily in cryptocurrencies. Amid rising inflation concerns, Kiyosaki has revealed that he is buying more Bitcoin and Ethereum, seeing them as a potential hedge against inflation.

Moreover, he has predicted a significant market downturn, referring to it as the “biggest crash” in world history, and predicting a Bitcoin price of $24,000 . Despite this, Kiyosaki has previously expressed a long-term optimistic view on Bitcoin, sharing his expectation for the price of Bitcoin to reach $100,000.

In essence, Kiyosaki seems to be advocating for a shift towards decentralized assets like Bitcoin, considering the ongoing financial turbulence in the U.S.

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