Open Games Appoints Luke Goss as Ambassador for Premier European Gaming, Art, and Blockchain Event


Open Games, an organization operating in the gaming and blockchain sector, has announced the appointment of Luke Goss as the Ambassador for Europe’s most prestigious gaming, art, and blockchain even.

Who is Luke Goss?

Luke Goss is an actor and has now taken on the role of ambassador for this key event. His appointment highlights the intersection of entertainment and technology, as embodied by this event.

What is the Event About?

The event is a four-day extravaganza known as Open Game Con. It is set to take place in Zaragoza, Spain, and promises to be a unique celebration emphasizing the transformative power of art, technology, and community. It’s described as Europe’s most prestigious event in the gaming, art, and blockchain sectors[, indicating its significant stature within these industries.

Implications of the Appointment

Luke Goss’s appointment as the ambassador indicates a significant level of outreach and engagement with different sectors of society. By having a recognized actor in this role, Open Games is likely aiming to attract broader public attention to the event and the fields of gaming, art, and blockchain. This can also be seen as a move towards mainstream acceptance and understanding of the intersection of entertainment, art, and technology, particularly in the realm of blockchain and gaming.

In conclusion, the appointment of Luke Goss as the ambassador for Open Game Con by Open Games marks a notable point of intersection between entertainment, technology, and art. This event and Goss’s involvement have the potential to bring broader attention to the dynamic fields of gaming, art, and blockchain.

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