zkSync Era Experiences Block Generation Issues, No Response for 3 Hours

 Era Block Explorer indicates that zkSync Era is suspected to be malfunctioning, and no block has been generated for three hours. According to the zkSync Era block explorer, no block has been generated for three hours. This has caused concerns among the cryptocurrency community, as zkSync is a highly popular scaling solution for Ethereum.

According to Wu Blockchain, the official reply said that the team already knows about the problems of the zkSync era mainnet. In progress, try not to initiate transactions now. Waiting for mainnet recovery. The funds are safe. Waiting for the team to fix it. But zkSync Era is not the only solution facing these kinds of issues. Avalanche, another popular platform, has also failed to produce blocks several times, further adding to the concerns around the reliability of these solutions. It is worth noting that on March 24, zkSync Era announced the launch of the mainnet, making these issues even more concerning.


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