Avalanche Foundation Has Launched an NFT Initiative

 Foundation has begun a new mentoring program for digital artists, and Ticketmaster has unveiled a new function that enables performers to give NFT holders gifts. By specialized mentoring, financial assistance, and DAO curating of Avalanche art, this innovative program seeks to promote the expansion of the Avalanche NFT. According to Avalanche, the Avaissance endeavor will consist of two phases. About fifty digital artists will receive funding, mentoring, and virtual workshop sessions through the initiative’s first component, the Artist in Residence (AIR) program. NFT collections from each artist will be made available on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche NFTs are expected to experience a Renaissance as a result of Avaissance, inspiring creativity and accelerating the ecosystem’s growth. The speed, dependability, and affordability of Avalanche make it easy to create and collect NFTs, which is already very advantageous to artists. Avaissance wants to advance Avalanche NFTs even further.

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