MetaMask Warns Users About Fake Airdrops On March 31

MetaMask refuted the rumor that it would perform a snapshot for airdrop users on March 31, which has been making the rounds on social media. Metamask said that no information on the timing of the Airdrop/Snapshot or other associated activity has been disclosed. The community should exercise caution with current information that has been extensively disseminated. The majority of the material given about Airdrop is bogus information used by crooks for evil reasons or scams. On the evening of March 26, the Telegram group “eezzy’s diary” published an article on the disclosed inside knowledge. As a result, Metamask has stated that the “snapshot” list for an airdrop will be closed on March 31, and the company plans to launch the MASK token in Q1 of 2024. This information was shared by an investor using the Twitter handle “serp1337.eth,” and it soon spread to over 768,000 individuals, attracting the attention of the financial community. Afterward, he revealed that they planned to introduce a token.

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