Crypto = scam? How long before this bubble bursts?

In 2009, humanity saw bitcoin and embraced it with an open mind. After several years, investors, traders and programmers themselves recognized the uniqueness of the currency, so the rate is currently around $27,000.

 So, in order to explain the popularity, we took the main advantages that can be highlighted compared to fiat.


Crypto is not controlled by banks or governments, which means it is not subject to political decisions or manipulation.


Transactions contain no personal information. All transactions go through the blockchain and smart contract.


Cryptocurrencies allow for fast and efficient transactions, with no additional intermediaries or checks required.


Low fees
In most cases, cryptocurrency transfer fees are much lower than traditional payment systems. For example, to transfer $1 million using cryptocurrency, you will spend ~$10 on fees. In classic payment systems, the commissions are much higher.


Investment potential
Some cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have limited issuance, which can cause their value to rise over time. He has already made thousands of X’s since the beginning of his history.

In a world that is constantly changing and interest in crypto is only growing, you need to constantly evolve by mastering new technologies and knowledge. You can learn all this with us!


What do you think needs to happen in the market for the cryptocurrency to scam?

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