Ethereum Shapella Upgrade: Bug Bounty Doubled to $500k

 deployment on Ethereum’s mainnet, Shapella will enable staked ETH withdrawals for the first time. With the much-anticipated Shapella upgrade just around the corner, the Ethereum Foundation has increased the bug bounty. In the 105th All Core Developers Consensus (ACDC) call, Security Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation – Fredrik Svantes. The bug bounty program offers financial compensation to individuals or groups who find security flaws or vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems. In the case of Ethereum, the rewards depend on severity which is calculated according to the OWASP risk rating model based on impact on the network as well as likelihood. Its bug bounty program includes soundness of protocols (the blockchain consensus model, the wire and peer-to-peer protocols, proof of stake, etc.) and protocol/implementation compliance to network security and consensus integrity. It further includes classical client security and security of cryptographic primitives.

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