ArcherSwap NFTs Goes Live on Miidas NFT Marketplace

 a successful minting, ArcherSwap’s native Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, Kyudo Archers, is now available on Core-based NFT marketplace, Miidas. Miidas is the leading NFT marketplace on the Core chain, supporting other networks, including BNB Chain and Polygon. kyudo Archer holders can now buy and sell the collection on the top marketplace after an official announcement on March 24. Kyudo Archers’ mint, comprising 10,000 unique digital archers, sold out in under 15 minutes at 20 $CORE, representing a strong interest in the Core ecosystem. The collection offers users numerous benefits, including staking and farming. Its availability on the Miidas marketplace will allow more users to enjoy its benefits in the blockchain industry. Already, 342 items have been sold on Miidas, with a trading volume of 217 CORE, worth over $400. The floor price for one Kyudo Archer NFT is 10 CORE on the multi-chain marketplace. Interested users should visit the collection’s page on the Miidas marketplace for more details.

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