DefiLlama Decides Not To Issue Tokens, Ending Community Controversial Drama

 civil war within the DefiLlama team seems to have ended, as the platform has informed users on Twitter that it will not issue LLAMA tokens. First, the DeFiLlama team apologized to the community for “poor communication and a misunderstanding within the team.”. Next, the platform said there would be no plans for the LLAMA token, the airdrop plans.

Now, through a team discussion (probably), the final decision has been made. The team “would like to put what happened behind us,” making the community following the project more “peaceful.”. Except for the deletion of connections to a few tools, such as the DefiLlama-branded news website DLNews and Web3 infrastructure provider LlamaNodes, the website resembles Of course, this individual continues to adhere to his choice. Having no other option, the remainder of the crew opted to give up the project’s former Twitter account and website name. Instead, they invest in a new platform that uses the same spanking new Llama.Fi.


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