Trojanized WhatsApp And Telegram Contain Malware To Steal Crypto Funds

 to ESET Research, a network security research company, criminals were discovered employing counterfeit versions of Telegram and WhatsApp programs with malware in an effort to steal cryptocurrency. Clippers are a sort of malware that may steal or manipulate the contents of the clipboard, according to reports. This is the first time ESET Research has seen Android clippers explicitly targeting instant messaging.

According to the languages utilized by these counterfeit apps, the operators behind them seem to be primarily targeting Chinese users. This software may change the bitcoin wallet addresses that victims provide in chat messages to those of the attackers. Some clippers employ optical character recognition to steal bitcoin wallet recovery phrases and extract information from images. ESET discovered remote access Trojans with malicious Windows versions of WhatsApp and Telegram, in addition to cutters. Although the first incident of clipper malware on the Google Play Store was in 2019.


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