Sony has filed a patent for NFT use, transfer, and sales

 Interactive Entertainment patent filing spotted by Segment Next indicates the company is working to implement a stronger framework for NFTs in its video games and consoles. While the popularity of NFTs has waned significantly over the last few years, sped along by the collapse of the cryptocurrency market, it appears Sony isn’t quite done with the blockchain-based technology. The company’s newly-published patent is titled ‘NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms’ and explores the potential for NFTs to be played with and transferred between video games, with players reaping the benefits in multiple games. For example, it suggests a player who is the ‘first’ to beat a particular boss in a game could be rewarded with a special NFT that grants a unique weapon, or another reward. Given complications like the fact that games press and influencers often receive early access to titles, it’s unclear how this would be fair.

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