Cosmos Largest DEX Osmosis Convert 10% Of Treasury Cash Into Bitcoin

 bitcoin records many positive signals for an uptrend, the co-founder of the Osmosis Foundation announced that he would convert 10% of his cash fund into Bitcoin. Osmosis is known to be the largest dex in the Cosmos ecosystem. Osmosis is open-source software built using the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) under the Apache License 2.0. Unlike Bitcoin, Cosmos-based chains offer fast.

Osmosis is not only the leading decentralized exchange but also the leading application-specific chain on Cosmos by cross-chain transaction value. Previously, it mainly consisted of OSMO and USDC. The total amount of the treasury and the specific conversion rate to bitcoin are uncertain. The founder’s decision comes as the Bitcoin price shows a strong recovery. The cryptocurrency market is also offering many positive signs when the banking crisis in the US caused three central banks to close it also tends to spread to Europe when the large Swiss bank Credit Suisse was also acquired by USB group for $3.3 billion today.


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