Arbitrum Airdrop On March 23 Is Used As A Scam

 Arbitrum airdrop is getting really close, and the community is very excited about this news. However, scammers have also taken advantage of this opportunity to target impulsive people. Redefine, a blockchain security startup said on March 19 that it discovered a website impersonating the legitimate airdrop website. According to screenshots, the site asks users for authorization to access their cash. CertiK, another blockchain security company, identified a bogus Arbitrum Twitter account with the identity “arbitrum launch,” touting a token airdrop. Scam Sniffer, a Web3 anti-scam program, said last week that it had spotted more than 273 Arbitrum-related phishing sites since the token airdrop was announced, with the number anticipated to climb before the formal airdrop on March 23. Nansen, a blockchain analytics company that collaborated with Arbitrum to design the requirements, indicated that just 625,143 of the more than 2.3 million wallets bridged on the Arbitrum One chain before February 6 are eligible for the airdrop. Even the community is warning about scams taking advantage of the long-awaited airdrop.

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