Web3 News-Crypto Wallet Prototype Discovered Inside Microsoft Edge Browser #Web3News

Crypto Wallet Prototype Discovered Inside Microsoft Edge Browser

 may not be the first name to come to mind when it comes to blockchain. Still, the company has experimented with the technology for many years. According to screenshots shared on Twitter by Albacore, a pseudonymous software researcher from central Europe, Microsoft has added code that would integrate a non-custodial crypto wallet.

The screenshots Albacore shared depict a user interface for a cryptocurrency wallet, a decentralized application explorer, a news feed, and the ability to buy cryptocurrency through Coinbase and MoonPay. The enhancement is “already baked in” to recent releases of the Microsoft Edge browser, but is hidden and not accessible to users. Albacore cautions that Microsoft builds and tests a lot of things that never see the light of day. Edge team are kings of throwing every imaginable thing at the wall and seeing if it sticks,” the researcher said. “The list of obsolete gimmick features that they tried and eventually removed is quite long.


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