There’s been escalating friction between Doodles‘ holders and one project founder in particular, rubbing off on the NFT project’s floor price. Doodles Co-founder, Jordan “Poopie” Castro, has been ‘sticking up’ for the project after facing backlash. However, claiming that “Doodles is no longer an NFT project” wasn’t his brightest move. “Gold Socks” have not helped matters, either.

Quick Takes: 

  • Questions over Doodles’ commitment to Web3’s “open” values impact the NFT project’s floor price.
  • Doodles co-founder defends the project, stating that its focus is to become a leading media franchise and that its “no longer an NFT project.”
  • Poopie’s comments cause backlash. Disappointment over the project’s Gold Socks collectibles adds to the project’s struggles.

Doodles Critisism Following Co-Founder’s Comments

Doodles recently changed its ethos, and, as a result, many members took to Discord to discuss their disappointment about the project’s changes not being Web3 friendly.

Following backlash over the project’s upcoming brand ideas, Poopie further angered the community by claiming that Doodles is “no longer an NFT project”:

The co-founder’s comment was not well received. The biggest issue includes pushing back on the scene. One which initially helped the project find prominence.

As a consequence, this led the NFT project to take to Twitter to attempt to clear the air:

In the tweet, Poopie reaffirms his previous comments, mentioning how NFTs are still “connective tissue” for future ideas. He also expresses his desire to promote a kinder culture among Web users, acknowledging the issues by saying he will “take the L on this one”.

Reactions on the twitter thread are varied. Some perceive Castro’s remarks as ambitious, saying that he’s only implying that Doodles aims to be more than an NFT project. Other members, on the other hand, are disappointed in his lack of faith in Web3.

One Web3 project founder, in particular, also commented, “The quicker we got rid of the term ‘NFT project’, the better [to be honest].

Doodles Twitter Link

Community Members’ Additional Concerns

Although Poopie has offered apologies, many community members remain disillusioned with the NFT project.

Adding to the project’s already existing problems, Doodles’ Twitter post on Wedesnday about the project’s latest collectibles, ‘Gold Socks,’ is also deemed as disappointing news.

Following the above setbacks, Doodles floor price has decreased by approximately 13% in USD value, to around $5,850 (3.53 ETH) in the past 24 hours, according to NFT Price Floor (subject to change). 

Yet again, this news proves that a strong community is the key to any successful NFT project.


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