Cosmos Hub releases Replicated Security to draw closer to rest of ecosystem

Cosmos Hub, the first of the Cosmos-based blockchains, released Replicated Security in a bid to position itself more centrally in the Cosmos ecosystem. Originally called Interchain Security, this mechanism will let other blockchains drop their own validators and switch to Cosmos Hub’s security and set of validators.

Since every application in the Cosmos ecosystem has its own blockchain, it can be expensive for each chain to maintain its own level of security. This will provide an alternative way for those chains to operate without disregarding security.“It really leverages one of the Cosmos Hub’s big strengths. It has a high market cap and a lot of recognition, having been around the longest,” said Tremback. “Replicated Security allows the Cosmos Hub to leverage that high market cap to do something useful with it — to lend the security to other chains.”. Replicated Security will also help to make Cosmos Hub a bigger presence.


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